The Spray Polyurethane Foam Advantage

The most advanced roofing system, with unbeatable insulation performance & industry leading lifespan to recoup costs in as little as 5 years.


Sunstainable Roofing

A Spray Polyurethane Foam roof creates little to no waste during its lifetime. In some cases it is feasible to install a SPF Roof on top of an existing roof and in turn it eliminates the costly expense that goes along with tearing off the complete roof. The materials that are used for SPF Roofing Systems are also environmentally friendly as they meet the following standards:

  • Zero Ozone Depleting Potential {ODP}
  • Low in the Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds {VOCS}
  • Free from Chlorofluorocarbons {CFCS}
  • Ultra Low Global Warming Potential {GWP}

Energy Efficiency is a key aspect to an SPF roofing system and installed correctly, it can provide the following:

  • PF Roofing delivers thermal, air, and moisture barriers to provide the highest R-Value per inch, meaning a much greater level of insulation for the building.
  • Polyurethane foam keeps heat out in the summer and in during the winter, lowering energy costs for facility owners, and a more comfortable working environment as well.
  • Silicone top coating resists UV light, protecting the foam and reducing the heat absorption, also known as the emissivity.



  • As the SPF is sprayed directly onto the roof we can deliver a concise and custom fit for almost all structures.
  • Traditional roofing methods are manufactured off-site and need to be cut, trimmed and glued together leaving room for error and leakage.
  • SPF has been used as an insulation material for over 45 years and has a proven track record of excellence.
  • One of the many reasons SPF’s use has become so widespread is its ability to deal with any harsh climates and extreme conditions.
  • An SPF roofing system or insulation system can be used in any climate and weathers the elements better than any alternative.
  • Many foam roofs placed in the early stages of innovation are still in place today and will remain indefinitely with proper maintenance.

Foam roofing and insulation systems have proven over time that they are long-lasting and affordable and the benefits can be seen in the cost analysis below:

  • 35 years is the average spray foam roof life
  • SPF takes only 4.5 to 5 years to recoup the initial costs.
  • There is a 50% reduction of energy usage in buildings with an SPF roofing system, which can be seen quite dramatically when the roof temperature is only 50 degrees on a 90-degree day.
  • SPF can save you 50 cents per square foot annually.


Easy Maintenance

Once an SPF Roof is installed it requires minimal upkeep, and if properly maintained it can last for more than 50 years. The minimal maintenance required for an SPF roofing system should be semi-annual inspections in the spring and fall, as well as following any events that may have caused damage to the system.

Roofing inspectors are the best tool you have at your disposal to keep your roof in good condition. We recommend that you perform these inspections once in the spring or fall as regular maintenance. After the roof inspection is complete we can carry out the necessary actions if needed.

Every building is different and has different needs but most follow the same maintenance pattern. No matter what the situation is, most buildings need some maintenance at some stage of there lives.