Spray Foam Flat Roofing Systems

Robotic automation is an attractive flat roofing system option for companies looking to balance & enhance budgets against tight costs over time.


Robotic Spray Foam Application

Providing state-of-the-art technology for spray foam roofing systems.


Improved Quality & Production

Able to work 24/7 for continuous operating production, robotic spray foam application revolutionizes the industry, moving faster and more accurately, while ensuring the highest quality flat roofing systems every time.

Improves Health & Safety

Vision technology with Infrared Leak Detection & Thermal Imaging pinpoints problem areas before application, eliminating the extensive potential for damage due to mold, mildew and water that can occur over time.

No Human Error

Robotic spray foam application for commercial & industrial flat roofing systems protects workers from repetitive and mundane tasks, as well as fatigue, and can handle large and small jobs with next to no mistakes.

Precise Coating & Thickness

Robotic spray foam roofing is precise with application coating and thickness. While eliminating human error, robots adapt to changes easily, able to increase or decrease material volume to deal with custom project specifications

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Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs with Seamless Spray Foam

What Is Spray Foam Roofing?

spray foam roofing diagramSpray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing or Spray Foam Roofing is a method in which the material is sprayed as a liquid onto an existing flat roof, expanding as a foam to create a solid layer across the entire surface. A protective surfacing is then applied to the foam to provide protection from the elements that would otherwise degrade it over time.

Unique in its ability to provide a seamless monolithic layer of insulation, SPF Roofing creates little to no waste during its lifetime and also provides waterproof protection when an elastomeric topcoat is applied. The fact that SPF roofs are sprayed on gives applicators the ability to have a concise and custom fit for almost all roofs and structures.

Spray foam roofing can be used to solve your commercial or industrial building's toughest challenges, inside and out.

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