Industrial & Commercial Painting

Facility Painting & Coating Services

Metal Ceilings & Walls In Factories, Plants, Industrial Buildings & Wastewater Containment Facilities

The best way to brighten up an industrial building or facility is to ensure that the ceiling and walls are clean and bright. A clean and bright ceiling is safer for workers, and service personnel. When coated bright white, the building ceiling suddenly becomes a huge reflector of light.

Ontario Protective Coatings paints commercial & industrial buildings, increasing the illumination of facilities by as much as 80% compared to what they were prior to the industrial painting ceiling work being done.

Painting the interior and exterior walls is the best way to improve the overall appearance of your facility. Ontario Protective Coatings ensures you paint or refinishing job lasts as long as possible, by using high quality coatings. 

Colour Coded Pipes

Colour coding factory piping provides service trades people and emergency personnel with a safe, easy, and clear way of differentiating the maze of pipes that most factories have in them.

Painting & Refinishing of Metal Siding on Industrial Buildings

Ontario Protective Coatings ensures you paint or refinishing job lasts as long as possible by using only highly flexible coatings, ensuring excellent colour and gloss retention to withstand the sun exposure and changing temperatures.

Wastewater Treatment Tanks & Facilities

Ontario Protective Coatings offers trusted wastewater and secondary containment coating and lining services. Our coatings are proven against the rigours and challenges unique to water treatment facilities.

While our exterior coatings improve facility appearance and durability against the elements, our secondary containment custom tank linings provide long-lasting protection, prevent seepage, and increase return on investment.